sports marketing

PI Sports Marketing, a division of Professional Image, has served the sports marketing industry for over twenty years.

Proper Branding is the core of any promotion. Helping to create that interaction between the Brand and the Consumer is what experiential marketing is all about. We understand consumer trends, market research and how that helps build a successful promotion.

Working with sponsors and teams, we have managed major brands while helping to create successful promotions. We understand the importance of on time and on budget projects that are at the heart of consumer interaction for your brand.

our commitment to professional sports

We are a direct importer with a long history of supply chain production solutions. Our long-standing relationships with overseas and domestic partners allow us to support our commitment to quality products. Our overseas partners understand our rigorous testing requirement needs, resulting in efficiency of production. We develop, produce and deliver high end products that allow our clients to create successful promotions.
On Time
We get it! There are no excuses for missing a date. In short we have never missed a game day delivery date. We do this by understanding and managing logistics and schedules. You have our commitment that our system and sourcing relationships will ensure on time delivery!
Our product quality combined with competitive pricing bring great value to our clients. But the real asset is our knowledge of how to find the right promotion for the right fan base and sponsor partner. This allows us to meet the marketing objective; creating happy fans and customers.
Sponsorship Marketing
Sponsorship is the essence of sports marketing. We have a track record of successful case studies to guide our clients to the best possible combination of product, and activation elements to promote the Brand. From new ideas to a unique twist on familiar products, we offer solutions based promotions that create happy fans and happy customers. Please contact us for more information on how we can help build your Brand!