Frequently asked questions

1. What sets Professional Image apart from other distributors?

Professional Image is set apart by the in-house embroidery capability and the one on one customer service and account management that is provided. The in-house embroidery capability improves the level of quality control as each garment is inspected when it arrives, in the embroidery department before decoration, by the Sales Associate upon completion, and by the shipping department before being delivered to customer. Having the embroidery capability on-site also increases the turn-around on sew-outs and rush orders! The one-on-one customer service is unsurpassed. There is rarely a wait to get an answer or help when an individual calls the main line. In addition to the support staff that is dedicated to customer service, each company is assigned an Account Manager that is available at all times.

2. How do I contact a sales person for my needs?

Please contact the main line at 513-984-1111 or toll free at 800-875-2420. Our Customer Service Representative will listen to your needs and direct you to a Sales Representative that is right for you!

3. Is a Webstore the option right for my company?

Webstores are great for companies that have over 100 employees and that require employees to purchase their own apparel. Give us a call and a sales person would be happy to talk through the different options for webstores and help decide if it is the right move for your company. You can also click on the “Webstore” link in the top toolbar to read more.

4. Can I purchase items from the Professional Image Online Catalog?

Items can be purchased from the Professional Image Online Catalog but it is recommended that you request more information first and deal directly with a sales person to ensure that you are ordering a great product from a reputable vendor.

5. How do I receive more information about a product?

To search for a Promotional Product, from the homepage click on “Promotional Products” in the top tool bar. Next, select “Online Catalog Search” to browse the thousands of products. Once an item of interest has been found please click on request more information and follow the prompts. You will then be contacted by a sales person within 24 hours! To search for an apparel item, from the homepage click on “Corporate Apparel” in the top tool bar. Next, select “CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR APPAREL NOW!”. Once an item of interest has been found please click on “Submit Inquiry” and select the numbers of each size/color/style in which you are interested. Add the item to your cart and when you have added all the styles you would like to inquire about click “Submit Inquiry”.

7. Can I come to Professional Image with only an idea of what I want?

Yes! Professional Image employs a support staff that is excellent at sourcing products domestically and overseas that will fit your needs and budget. If you want something that is different from everyone else we can have it made custom as well!